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Restored to his glory by Cinderella, Walt Disney turned to Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland as his next animated feature. Early in the company's history, Walt had begun work on a live-action version, but when rivaling stations released their own, he put the project aside until after World War 2. With the success of Cinderella and Treasure Island under his belt, production turned full steam towards Alice in Wonderland. Work went along at an astonishing pace, and was kept that way, without many breaks for changes or to add a little sentiment and warmth to the film. At his story-board sessions Walt just didn't seem to have his heart in it. As he said: "I didn't want to make it, but everyone said I should."

Released in 1951, Alice in Wonderland was greeted with cold and harsh reviews from critics saying it was an insult to the story, illustrations, and characters that everyone grew up with. On it's initial release, it lost millions of dollars, wiping out Disney's reputation and the company's profits from Cinderella.

Although Alice in Wonderland has it's moments, it is, even today considered one of Disney's flimsiest achievements. Alice in Wonderland was one of the few features Disney permitted to be shown on television, thus it has not been re-released to theaters.

When released on 16 mm film in the 60's, it became very popular with the teenage public. To Disney's dismay, it was because of the surreal outlook and it's relation to the drug culture. As advised by his lawyers, Disney did not allow Alice in Wonderland to become associated with drugs and pulled it from the market. Although it lived a long life of isolation from other classics, Alice in Wonderland may today be found on shelves in your local grocery store or discount warehouse- striving to earn back the money it lost Disney when released.

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