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Walt Disney had planned Sleeping Beauty to become the greatest and most complex animated feature to ever be produced; his masterpiece. Preliminary work began in 1950, but was shelved for several years, as Disneyland and various television programs took priority. By 1954, however, the story had begun to evolve into final stages. Walt had decided early on in production that he wanted to use Tchaikovsky's magical ballet on the soundtrack, and to entirely stylize Sleeping Beauty after various medieval tapestries and designs- thus, hardly ever were curves used. The backgrounds are indeed the most elaborate and realistic of any Disney feature.

The film was first released in 1959 at the final cost of almost six million dollars; making it the most expensive Disney feature until 1985, when The Black Cauldron was released at almost 21 million dollars. Unfortunately, both critics and the public found Sleeping Beauty to be too derivative of Snow White as well as Cinderella, and almost too realistic. Sleeping Beauty lost money at the box office on it's initial release, but gained well beyond it's 6 million dollar cost in theatrical re-releases since then. In many ways. Sleeping Beauty is a much better film than those before it in several ways- one being the character of Prince Phillip, a prince who actually has some importance in the film beyond that of marrying the princess. The climax of Maleficent becoming a giant dragon to defeat Phillip is, by far, the strongest and most dramatic of all Disney movies. Maleficent definitely deserves a place amongst Snow White's Evil Queen and The Little Mermaid's Ursula as one of the greatest villainesses of all time. Sleeping Beauty has had a recent release, and, with luck, she shall finally claim the recognition that is rightfully her's. As, Sleeping Beauty is filled with memorable songs, spectacular scenes, charming characters, and a true visual experience that everyone deserves to be a part of.

Sleeping Beauty Graphics

Sleeping Beauty Fair...
The Good Fairy, Flora
The Good Fairy, Fauna
The Good Fairy, Merrywhether
Sleeping Beauty, Sleep On...
Once Upon A Dream...
Maleficent Captures Phillip
Phillip and Aurora Dancing
For True Love Conquers All...

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