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The Little Mermaid's story was first introduced to the Disney studios in the mid-to-late 1930's as a potential feature film. Along with Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, it was discarded in pre-production stages during World War Two. Unlike the other two, The Little Mermaid did not come out of the Disney Vaults until the mid-1980's.

After the serious downfall of the Black Cauldron, and the mediocre Great Mouse Detective and Oliver and Company, the Walt Disney studios needed a film masterpiece to pull them out of their recession: that film turned out to be The Little Mermaid.

The under-water sequences were also welcomed among animators because it gave them a freedom unprecedented in animation. Another unconventional use of technology in this picture was the massive Special Effects required. Not unlike it's predecessors, The Little Mermaid had it's rough times during it's production. However, the company treated them more cautiously and took it's time. Perhaps that is why it did so much better.

The Little Mermaid swam gracefully onto the big-screen in 1989, and for the first time since Mary Poppins, Disney was awarded an Oscar for Best Song (Under the Sea) and Best Score. Another surprise was the nomination of Kiss the Girl for Best Song.

One of the most successful factors pushing "TLM" along it's way was that of convincing characters: you frustrate yourself with Sebastion, find yourself laughing with Flounder, and have sympathy and compassion for the lovely Ariel. However, the character that drew the most attention from critics was that of Ursula, the evil sea witch, and the most sensational villian since Maleficicent and Cruella de Vil.

Disney's biggest hit in over 20 years, "TLM" set a record for profit of an animated film: drawing in $84 million in North America, alone. It paved the way for even larger sensations, such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King.

Given a re-release in late 1997 to rival Fox's Anastasia, The Little Mermaid could once again be experienced by the millions who flocked to it once more, or for the first time. Even though it's not as elegant as Cinderella, or as massive as the Lion King, the Little Mermaid gave Disney the push it needed in the right direction. And, for all of it's drawbacks, it still remains one of the most endearing classics ever.

The Little Mermaid Pictures

The Terrifying Ursula
"You Poor, Insignificent Fools!"
Ursula and Ariel
Sha-La-La-La; Kiss the Girl!
Ariel Looking Decisively at Sebastian
Ariel Becoming a Human, to Live Happily Ever After!
Ariel Swimming
Wannabe-Publicity Shot of Ariel

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